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Rough and flesh-toned bumps on your skin might be warts, which indicate a viral infection. At Integrated Dermatology of Boise in Meridian, Idaho, dermatologist Mary Ellen Luchetti, MD, examines your wart and can provide professional treatment to help you eliminate it. Call the office or use the online booking feature to schedule a dermatology visit today.

What are warts?

Warts are fleshy growths, often the shade of your skin or a few shades darker. You might see black spots in the wart, which are blood vessels. They’re typically round, tough, and a little bumpy, and they might appear in clusters. 

A wart is a sign of a viral skin infection caused by the virus human papillomavirus (HPV). The warts occur when the virus enters your skin through a small cut or crack. You’re more likely to get warts if you have a weak immune system due to age or an autoimmune disease, and children commonly get them too. 

The most common areas for warts are the hands and feet, but they can occur anywhere. Warts on the soles of your feet are called plantar warts and are usually flat, whereas other warts are raised and dome-shaped.

How did I get a wart?

The virus that causes warts is highly contagious and can spread through skin-to-skin contact or indirectly. Be wary of sharing personal items like razors, deodorant, and socks because of the chances of getting a wart from someone else. You should also avoid touching your warts because they can spread to other areas of your body.  

It’s common to get plantar warts from public areas like pools, locker rooms, and showers. To minimize your chances of getting a plantar wart, be cautious and wear flip-flops in moist public areas. 

Nail biting and picking are significant risk factors for warts, too, so you should try to break those habits to minimize your chances of getting warts. 

Are warts treatable?

Warts are treatable with several strategies. While they’ll resolve eventually without intervention, treatment can eliminate them quickly so you can avoid spreading warts to others.  

Your dermatologist at Integrated Dermatology of Boise examines your wart and might recommend treatment with progressive treatments and procedures such as:

  • Cryotherapy.
  • Immunotherapy.
  • Topical medication.
  • Laser treatment.

These treatments often work best when you combine two or more. Once your wart dies and falls off, your provider can discuss additional strategies to prevent future warts according to your lifestyle. 

Warts are common and sometimes unavoidable. Call Integrated Dermatology of Boise or book an appointment online for comprehensive wart treatment today.

We specialize in cosmetic dermatology, and offer Botox and Non-invasive treatments. Call us to book your appointment today.

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